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People from all walks of life

Splend was created to give people from all walks of life the freedom to earn an income through driving. We’re looking for ambitious people, ready to join our journey and make a difference in people’s lives.

We take great pride in our teams, who are as diverse as our members. We’re an industry-leading company, looking for ambitious leaders ready to define the future – not just for on-demand driving, but for our all of our members and each other. We’re always on the lookout for stellar people.

Attributes we love

Working hard to make life better for other people.
In-depth knowledge
Experts in their field, using knowledge to make good decisions.
Making positivity the first step to facing any challenge.
Being able to collaborate and share ideas, yet stay true to oneself.
Willingness and courage to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.
Ambitious leaders ready to define the future. Simple as that.
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