A future where

every on-demand

driver can be


We do everything in our power to 
improve the earnings and wellbeing 
of our members through

Refreshing frankness
We cut through the sales chatter to tell people how it is. From our comms to our customer service, we’re open, candid, and down-to-earth. We take time to empathise with members, so everything we say and do stays relevant.
Proactive optimism
We’re motivated on behalf of our members. We’re naturally positive and focus on solutions rather than fixating on problems. We’re all about getting things done, in the best way possible.
Knowledgeable support
We care about what we do and have the knowledge and data analytics to be the best at it. We’re approachable experts and apply our skills for the benefit of others. Our supportive, caring side is always ready to help.
Simon's story

Our Journey

Launched in 2015, Splend provides all-inclusive vehicle subscriptions. 

We're fast-tracking our transition into green mobility, reducing our carbon footprint by transitioning to electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our turn-key solution takes the admin work out of the equation for drivers. This means our members free up precious time for all the important things in life.

Since day one, we've been more than a car supplier. We provide every member with the following:

 • Tech-enabled customer support - our members can self-serve and minimise their downtime
 • Dedicated safe driving insights - personalised training keeps our members safer on the road, reduces accidents, and improves fuel economy
 • Rewards and incentives - cash prizes for the best performing drivers, generous referral bonuses, and training events to create a nurturing environment and great company culture

To date, we've helped thousands of members across Australia and the UK. We take pride in everything our team has achieved so far, and we're only just getting started.

Our unique product offering is currently available to rideshare and deliver drivers for platforms such as Uber. We're in the process of launching our personal plans to the consumer market.

For more information about our products, visit our country pages.

Want to join us 
on our journey?

Minimising our carbon footprint

We have a growing number of eco-friendly cars in our fleet and are continually investing in initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint.
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